Grandmaster Mele Mel

Q: Do they really hate each other?
A: We should say that Scorpio and Melle Mel don’t show Grandmaster Flash respect when they call them “the Milli Vanilli of rap.” The two rappers, who’ve played together a short time ago as “Grandmaster’s Furious Five,” think that the famous DJ had no impact on many of the band’s rap classics, such as “The Message,” and assert that they’ve never got the credit they’re due because Flash’s first line in the band’s name makes the audience think of them as side characters.

Q: Would you like to see the reunion?
A: A full-fledged professional reunion tour, together with Kidd Creole and Rahiem, Scorpio and Melle Mel — and perhaps a whole funk band supporting Flash’s work — may create a new standard for the old rap community. Moreover, as the most important from the first hip-hop bands, they’re a history that must be heard.

The possibility that it will happen: small.
Flash has a lot of work right now, to the irritation of the band’s MCs. “The Furious Five has always dreamed of playing together,” Scorpio says. According to him, Grandmaster Flash has a problem in collaborating with the Furious Five, as he would like to keep all of the popularity and the income to himself.

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