Grandmaster Mele Mel

Grandmaster Melle Mel, as the main MC in The Furious Five, has the responsibility for some of rap’s first and greatest successes. Disputes led to that bands fracturing and afterward, Melle Mel released both solo and with other singers to different degrees of success and popularity.

In 2001, Mel together with Rondo created the group “Die Hard” who helped “On Lock” with the film, Blazin, and which was followed by their album called “Die Hard” (2002). A Melle Mel single, followed in 2003, “Where Ya At?”. Two years later, he guested on Nikkole’s “RSVP.” In 2006, Melle Mel wrote the book for children, “The Portal In The Park”, that comes with a rap/narrated CD including two tracks with Lady Gaga. That year Melle Mel also started to visit the wrestling school.Melle Mel was called “Mele Mel” for his first full-scale solo, “Muscles” (2007). In 2 months, Melle Mel, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five became the first rap band ever inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In October 2008 Mel guested on Bronx show, “Bronx Flavor”, in an episode called “Night at the Bodega.” His next album, the live “Hip Hop Anniversary Europe Tour” was also released in 2008.


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