Grandmaster Mele Mel

Acid jazz is going through hard times. The times that accompany any developing genre when it leaves the underground in order to achieve his “stardom” among the public. The audience in its bulk – these are the buyers of records that flood the halls of recording studios and shops. These are the defining moments for a young, new genre. But the ambiguity is in how it will develop, with whose

help it will be at all, and distinguishes between acid- jazz and the genres of the past.

Like Melle Mel of Sugarhill Records, who then, in 1979, made hip-hop selling with the help of his “The Message”, DJ Gilles Peterson at one of the episode house parties in the late 80’s started playing “rare groove” from the music of the seventies. Somehow he casually dropped the term “acid-jazz”, and this name took root. Gradually, the new style developed and evolved into a mixture of soul, funk and jazz.

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