Grandmaster Mele Mel

Melle Mel is one of the founders of the hip-hop movement in the United States. His work first of all turn hip-hop into a real instrument of socio-ideological commenting on the surrounding life.

Melvin Glover is the frontman of the group FURIOUS FIVE and the famous rap-artist who created many fabulous works that determined the face of modern hip-hop, in co-authorship with the DJ Grandmaster Flash.

It all began in 1978, when Melle Mel and his sibling Nate (also known as Kid Creole) teamed up with Cowboy (real name Keith Wiggins) and formed the band THREE MC’S, performing the material that the Grandmaster Flash DJ gave them (Grandmaster Flash, real name Joseph Saddler). After the group was joined by Scorpio (also known as Mr. Ness, real name Ed Morris) and Raheem (real name Guy Williams), the band released two singles, and a bit later thy turn into the new band- GRANDMASTER FLASH & THE FURIOUS FIVE .

Soon the band became almost a legend of New York, drawing attention to both the DJ’s mastery of Flash and the professionally made rap of the band. Despite the growing abundance, FURIOUS FIVE did not record, until the hit SUGARHILL GANG Rapper’s Delight, which showed the undeniable presence of the hip-hop music market. Under the name YOUNGER GENERATION, the band released the single We Rap More Mellow, and then the revolutionary Superappin’. Then the musicians signed a contract with the company Sugar Hill and reworked in the rap-key the DJ’s favorite song Get Up and Dance of the FREEDOM team. In 1980, this song entered the Top 20 national R & B charts and was sold in 50,000 copies. The Birthday Party that followed was also a hit.

In 1982, the single The Message became a real success. Everyone was impressed by the disturbing rap of Melle Mel, who read the text about the difficult and gloomy living conditions in the Negro ghetto.

This composition became crucial in the evolution of rap culture, receiving both high marks of critics and enthusiastic worship of listeners. A powerful performance against cocaine was the release of the single “White Lines (do not do it)”, recorded by Grand Master Flash and Melle Mel. He became a classic rap anthem and international hit. And in a few years, Hip-Hop came out of the underground and grew quickly.

The most successful year for the musician was 1984, when he got a chance to read his rap on the double-platinum and Grammy-winning single of Chaka Khan I Feel for You (this was the first experience of hip-hop penetration into the broad masses). He also took part in the filming of the rap video “Beat Street”, where GRANDMASTER MELLE MEL & THE FURIOUS FIVE presented their new hit Beat Street (also called Beat Street Breakdown). In the mid-1980s Mel recorded a couple of albums on the label Sugar Hill, and in 1988 got together with Flash and other original musicians of FURIOUS FIVE to create the album “On the Strength”. But the results of the work did not satisfy the musicians, and Mel went into the shadows for about 10 years. In 1997 he, along with Scorpio, recorded the album “Right Now”, which also failed. In 2001 a new rap project DIE HARD was formed by Melle Mel, which released the album “On Lock”.